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Historic Preservation
201 S. Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ, 86302
Phone 928-777-1309

Ask nearly anyone what it is they like about Prescott, and you are bound to hear about the historic character of downtown and the neighborhoods that help preserve the history of the city.

The purpose of Prescott’s Preservation Program is to

  • increase public awareness of the City’s origin, development and historic significance
  • conserve, protect and preserve the unique qualities and distinctive historic characteristics of the community
  • facilitate restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, landscape features and other culturally significant physical objects and geographic areas.

Territorial Architects in Prescott

Learn about early architects that shaped the way Prescott still looks today by viewing the presentation to Preservation Commission on May 11, 2012 by Jim Garrison, State Historic Preservation Officer.

When Do I Need a Review by the Preservation Commission?

Owners of properties located in a Local Historic District (see map here) must go before the Prescott Preservation Commission for any work requiring a permit.

If you are only located in a National Register District (see map here), work requiring a permit is reviewed administratively by the Historic Preservation Specialist.

Historic Preservation Master Plan

Senator Drive-In Theater Sign

Senator Drive-In Photo

The historic Senator Drive-In Theater sign stood on Senator Highway from 1950 until it was removed in 2008. It was re-erected in 2009 thanks to donations of labor and money mostly provided by Prescott High School alumni who treasured their memories of the drive-in when it was open. If you would like to have your non-commercial message displayed on the sign please contact Jane Orr at 928-445-7373, Stephen Rogers at 928-445-3264 or you can email us here. To help with sign maintenance a donation is requested and a one month notice is suggested.