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Prescott History Timeline

Explore the timeline below by dragging the date bars (light grey-detailed, dark grey-overview) and clicking on the event titles to see more information on an event.

Historic Photos are Copyrighted and Property of Sharlot Hall Museum

Timelines Around Prescott

Prescott is home to several timelines that deserve a visit. They are public art projects that have been supported by the community and often involve school children and other volunteers.

Library timelineOn the north side (Gurley St) of the Courthouse Plaza, you will find a timeline embossed and painted into the concrete walk just north of the Bucky O'Neil Rough Rider Statue. This timeline is laid out in an elongated U-shape and features events from the History of Yavapai County, some events are shown with supporting illustrations.

At the Prescott Public Library, you will find another timeline along the steps that parallel Godwin St leading up to the main entrance. This is a World History Timeline that covers human history around the world from early civilization and ends in the modern era. You will find events listed along the walkway that relate to the time ribbon on the left side.

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