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Impact Fee Estimator

As of August 1, 2014 the City of Prescott will be using a Impact Fee structure that complies with recently revised State of Arizona fee laws. You can enter your parcel number below to find out what impact fees will apply for water and sewer service to your property. If you don’t know your parcel number you can look it up on the Yavapai County GIS Website.

Most (but not all) residential properties use a 5/8” meter. The water resource fees are the same for all properties regardless of water impact zone. The water and sewer fees are based upon the location of your property within the impact fee zones.

In the event that a one-inch meter is required solely as a result of a residential unit being equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system, the development fee to be assessed shall be 5/8" meter size. This shall not apply to residential unit that exceed 5,000 SF.

The total fees shown below do NOT include any building permitting fees, the cost of the physical meter, tax on the meter or tapping fees. If there is no box and yoke on the property or the box and yoke is required to be upsized, additional fees are required for this service. Please call 928-777-1269 if you have questions regarding water or sewer Development Fees.

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