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Rich Gill

Lieutenant Rich Gill is the head of the Patrol Bureau. His area of responsibility include:

  • Animal Control
  • Five Patrol Bureau Squads
  • K-9 Teams
  • Police Explorer Program
  • Police Reserve Program
  • School Resource Officer
  • Station Call Taker
  • Support Services Section
  • Traffic Safety Section

Lt. Gill has 31 years of progressive law enforcement experience with the Prescott Police Department. He served 16 years at the rank of Sergeant and has held the rank of Lieutenant for 8 years. Lt. Gill has attended Glendale Community College and stays current in management and leadership training.

Administrative Services

Jon Brambila

Lieutenant Jon Brambila serves as the Bureau Commander of the Administrative Services Bureau. His areas of responsibility include the following:

  • Professional Standards
  • Records Section
  • Prescott Regional Communications Center
  • Crime Prevention
  • Code Enforcement
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

His qualifications include:

  • 16 years of progressive law enforcement experience to include Patrol operations, Training and Recruiting, SWAT and Academy Class Sergeant at the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Oklahoma
  • AZPOST General Instructor, AzPOST Physical Fitness Instructor, Academy Instructor in various law related topics and tactics.
  • Serves as the Secretary for the Arizona Tactical Officers Association board of directors.
  • Volunteer coach for the Prescott YMCA, Prescott Little League and Prescott AYSO.


The Prescott Police Department's Investigation Section is comprised of eight detectives and one sergeant; as well as two property and evidence technicians who also serve as crime scene technicians. The Prescott Police Department is also represented in area task forces by providing detectives and supervisors to serve in special areas such as PANT (Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking) and GITTEM (Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission). The primary function of the investigations section is to represent and support victims of crime through follow-up, and diligent investigatory methods to bring cases to a successful resolution. Detectives work in cooperation with the patrol division and other law enforcement agencies to ensure that each case is prosecuted effectively.

K9 Patrol Teams

The Prescott Police Department created two K-9 teams to assist police personnel with searching for fleeing suspects, detecting the presence of narcotics, protecting officers and the public from serious injury or death and to assist with the apprehension of felons.

The Prescott Police Department consists of two K9 Teams. Sergeant Jeff Hemphill is the K9 supervisor, attached to the Patrol Bureau.

Canine UnitOfficer Dan Smith works with his partner Corey. Officer Smith has a Master Handler certification which means he is able to train and certify other K9 Teams. Corey is dual certified in narcotics detection and Patrol work.

Canine UnitOfficer John Fisk works with his partner Hercules. Hercules is certified in narcotics detection.

The Prescott Police Department has received generous grant funding from the Yavapai County Community Foundation (YCCF). Yearly YCCF has supported the K9 program by providing funding for the dogs, equipment, construction of a training site and training opportunities. The funding received from YCCF is critical to the success of the program.

For questions regarding the K9 Patrol Teams, please contact Sergeant Jeff Hemphill at (928) 777-1971.

Traffic Safety Section

The primary duty of the Prescott Police Department Traffic Safety Section, as the name implies, is to promote traffic safety in the City of Prescott. This is accomplished through aggressive enforcement of the traffic laws, enforcement of commercial vehicle laws and regulations, education to the public, and through specialized programs such as child safety seat installations and inspections, DUI taskforce activities, and input on the City’s Transportation Coordination Committee


The Traffic Safety Section is comprised of 4 fulltime motor officers. These officers conduct traffic patrol and enforcement, investigate vehicle crashes, including all serious and fatal crashes, and detect and arrest impaired drivers.

A parking control officer is also assigned to the Section to promote parking turnover in the downtown business district by enforcing parking regulations, including the timed parking limitations.

Traffic Complaints

The Prescott Police Department regularly receives complaints on various traffic related matters throughout the city. The majority have to do with speeding in neighborhoods. Due to limited resources and the inability to be everywhere at once, the Traffic Safety Section has a volunteer that deploys a mobile speed display trailer on a weekly basis. This trailer identifies the speeds of passing vehicles, works as a deterrent, and as an educational tool. To request the speed display trailer in your area, please call the Traffic Safety Section supervisor by calling (928) 777-1943.


Special Weapons and Tactics Team

The Special Weapons and Tactics Team is comprised of officers and Sergeants from all bureaus within the Department. Team members receive additional training in weapons and tactics used in high risk situations. The team operates on a part time basis and is available for calls at any time.

The SWAT team is comprised of an entry team, sniper unit, negotiations unit and also has a fully certified paramedic assigned to the team from the Prescott Fire Department.

SWAT responds to high risk incidences such as:

  • Barricaded suspects
  • Hostage situations
  • High risk search warrants
  • Executive protection details
  • Requests from other agencies
  • Other duties as directed by the Chief of Police