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Alternative Transportation


A photo of the full bike rack at the libraryThe City of Prescott initiated a planning process for bicycle and pedestrian transportation with the creation of the "Prescott Bicycle Advisory Committee" (PBAC) in April 1997. The work of this Committee has resulted in:

  • Oct. 1998 - Publishing of the City of Prescott Bicycle Planning Guide
  • Oct 2001 - PBAC along with the "Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Task Force", Drake and Associates and City staff began the process to develop the Prescott Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Oct 2003- The Plan received City Council approval by way of Resolution Number 3568.

Update to the Plan in 2009

The 2009 Plan Update reviews recent improvements, acknowledges missed opportunities and establishes a current list of recommendations.

The Plan addresses three equally important subjects:

  • Bicycle Facilities
  • Pedestrian Facilities
  • Education

Please Give Us Your Feedback on this draft version of the plan!