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Online Bill Pay Instructions

The City of Prescott is now offering Water Bill Payment online. In order to pay your bill online, you will need to complete the steps outlined below to create an online login account and to link your current water account to your online login.

Login into your account or if you are a new to paying your bills online, follow the directions below.

Create a New Online Login to Manage Your Water Bills

Step 1

Read all 5 steps BEFORE going through the registration process, then come back and start at this step (Step 1).

Click here to register (If a new window dows not open up, you likely have pop-ups blocked. Please change your settings to continue the registration process.)

Step 2

Fill out the registration form and click save.water account setup

Step 3

Now that your new account (to pay your bill online) has been created, your new account needs to be linked to your water account.
To do so, click on "Go To Module Homepage"water account setup

Step 4

Fill out the form. Both the account ID and the CID can be found on your paper water bill.
The images below show where both can be found. water account setup

Your Account ID is the first 5 digits of your Account Number on bill.water account setup

Your CID is the final 5 digits of your Account Number on billwater account setup

Step 5

Your water account(s) are now associated with your online login to pay your water bill.
Click "Manage Bills" to pay your bill.water account setup