Project Update

The Sundog Sewer Main Phase C3 includes the design of a Downtown Regional Lift Station and approximately 25,000 linear feet of 18” force main beginning at the proposed  Downtown Regional Lift Station and continuing northward in 6th Street, westward in Merritt Avenue and Montezuma Street, northward in Ruth Street and Demerse Avenue, eastward in Prescott Heights Drive, northward in Campbell Avenue, eastward in Rosser Street and northward in Highway 89 to its terminus at an existing force main stub at the Highway 89 and Prescott Lakes Parkway intersection. A portion of the force main (2,020 linear feet) has been previously designed with the Sundog Trunk Main Phase B project and will be updated and incorporated into the Phase C3 project.  The design also includes the design of approximately 2,500 linear feet of 24” sewer trunk and 8” branch mains from the eastern end of Sonora Drive, along the edge of Granite Creek, under the La Guardia Bridge (Montezuma Street), through Granite Creek Park to its terminus at the new 6th Street Regional Lift Station site.

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